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- Cultural education - Native American Indian Advocacy - Activism

Winding Roads

Protect the sacred.

We want to see healthy relationships between generations in our community and to inspire fresh, new ways to bridge the gap.


By providing tools and programs, we help with reconnecting to the land through ecological restoration and to the cultural teachings of past ancestors.

Our organization is committed to finding new ways for our community to heal. Through art, storytelling, events, new community programs. We are here to seek out innovative solutions and forge permanent, positive change.

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Our Pillars

Respecting the Earth
Nature, Restoration, Biology, Biodiversity
Respecting Who We Are & Where We Come From
Respecting & Acknowledging Our Communities
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The voices of our ancestors still call out to us and their wisdom still flows through our veins. 

We just need to start listening to them:
It's all about the land.

Taiaiake Alfred, PhD- Cornell University

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