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Jobe Cate

Board Member


Industry representing:

Fish & Wildlife


Colville Reservation

A Bit About Jobe

My Name is Jobe Cate. I am 43 years old. I am an enrolled member of the Colville Tribes. I have two sons Brandon and Cameron Cate. I have been with my partner in life Lisa Edwards for 11 years. Soon to be married! I am currently the Senior fish culturist at the Tribes resident fish hatchery in Bridgeport, Washington. I graduated from Mt. Hood community college in 2015 with an AAS in fisheries science. I have plans on enrolling in a four-year program sometime in the near future.


I enjoy hunting, fishing, and generally just being out in nature. My family and my health are the most important things to me. Being the best I can be at my job is my second priority. Lastly, I would love to be on the board for aboriginal outfitters because making a positive impact on the community in Indigenous country is something I strongly believe in.

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