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the champions of the work

executive leadership
Joy Abrahamson
Joy Abrahamson (sənma̍lqs)


President / Executive Director



Mikaela Williams

Director of Arts & Communications

Loryn Moore_edited.png

Program Manager

Loryn Joseph (Moore)
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A.O. Board and members
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We invite community members to participate in committee meetings that they have an interest in contributing to. These members act as subject matter experts, offering advice and helping brainstorm ideas and tactics to accomplish projects. They act as champions of the work in the community by promoting a positive image of the Aboriginal Outfitters brand and are expected to attend at least one board meeting each quarter.

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youth advisory board (YAB)

We aim to actively engage youth in Aboriginal Outfitters' strategic process. We understand the value in what bright, young minds can bring to the table and want to encourage problem-solving, process development, and creative strategy opportunities for youth participation.  


YAB members will be invited to attend special workshop sessions designed to be relevant, authentic, and responsive to youth needs. The qualitative data gained from these sessions will be carried forward to the Board of Directors and will be incorporated into the annual board retreat's strategic planning exercises.

We believe in preserving tradition while striving for innovation. This is why we built a foundation that allows investment of time and energy while protecting a balance and quality of life. We also believe that all involved should be champions of the programs and projects they choose to represent. Aboriginal Outfitters (AO) chose to break our leadership into four pieces. We are proud to have a Board of Directors, Members, Youth Advisory Board, and Brand Ambassadors.


AO does not support stagnant conversations and/ or regressive dialogue in our meetings. We do not just meet to meet.

We meet to identify problems, solutions, pathways to success, and forge change.

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