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Chanel somday

Board Member


Industry representing:

Fish & Wildlife



A Bit About chanel

My Name is Chanel Somday, daughter of William Somday and Penny Nichols. I am Sinixt and Colville of the Colville Confederated Tribes. I currently reside in Northern California and work as the Central Valley Steelhead Biologist throughout the Upper Region of the Sacramento River and it’s tributaries. I work closely with the state, federal and local tribes monitoring steelhead and Chinook salmon. I get to snorkel through the Ishi Wilderness where many don’t have public access to while counting salmonids, it’s the most fun I have ever


I was raised on the north half of the Reservation in Malo, WA until it was time for college in 2011. It was in the following years that I discovered my passion for fisheries and understanding with education a career in this line of work aided in our cultural sovereignty.


I hope together we can show you how important what the earth provides us is and how to show thankfulness through tradition.

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