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Emily Abrahamson

aka "Em"

Board Member


Industry representing:

Cultural Education/ Language Preservation


Omak (Central County)

A Bit About Em

Ms. Emily Abrahamson is a seasoned and certified First People's Language, Culture, & Oral Traditions teacher in the State of Washington. Amazingly, she is one of the first people in the State of Washington to teach a Native Language class in a public school. 

In the early 1990's, she helped to establish the pilot program for the certification of teachers of First Peoples' languages/culture to contribute to the recovery, revitalization, and promotion of First Peoples' languages and provide the opportunity for tribal children to learn the language while at school, while promoting cultural sensitivity to all students. 

Ms. Abrahamson is recently retired after serving for 32 years in the Omak School District as a Salish teacher, among many other roles and the Aboriginal Outfitters team is thrilled and honored to have her as a integral part of the leadership team.

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