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Research Intern

Job Type

Part Time

About the position

We are seeking 1-3 part-time research interns interested in contributing to a handful of exciting projects! These positions are completely remote in Washington State. Indigenous candidates with connections to North Central Washington First Nations are preferred but this background is NOT required. We are accepting resumes from candidates aged 16+. There is a stipend and travel reimbursement provided to all selected candidates.


Our Research Intern position is responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing opinions and data to solve problems, explore issues, and predict trends. 

We are seeking someone interested in specializing in different areas such as sociology, education, community psychology, Native American history, and community health/ wellness.


• Having IT skills.

• Being able to think visually.

• Having interpersonal skills.

• Being detail-oriented.

• Having problem-solving skills.

• Being proactive.

• Having good written and verbal communication skills.

• Being persistent and patient.

• Having advanced analytical skills.

• Being able to develop original research agendas.

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