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Protecting Water:
Nurturing Life and Honoring Spirit

At the heart of our water protection efforts lies a profound reverence for water—

a sacred element that sustains life, embodies spirit, and connects us to the very essence of our ancestral heritage.


Water: The Essence of Life

In Indigenous cultures, water is not merely a resource; it is life itself. The ancient wisdom passed down through generations reminds us that water is a living entity, a vital force that courses through the veins of our Earth. Our ancestors understood that the rhythm of water mirrors the heartbeat of existence, flowing through every living being and shaping the landscapes that cradle our stories.


A Deeper Connection

At AO, we recognize that water goes beyond its physical form. It carries a spirit, an energy that resonates with the soul of our communities. Just as our elders passed down stories around the fire, they shared stories of water—of its power, its significance in ceremonies, and its role as a teacher of balance and flow. This wisdom ingrained in our cultural DNA calls us to safeguard the purity and vitality of water for generations to come.

Guardians of the Waters

As stewards of the land, we embrace our responsibility as guardians of the waters. Our initiatives extend beyond mere protection; they encompass a deep-rooted commitment to restoring and nurturing the well-being of our water sources. Through community-led efforts, innovative partnerships, and engagement with Indigenous youth, we channel the teachings of our ancestors to safeguard the spirit of water.

Respect and Reverence

In the spirit of our forebearers, we approach water protection with the utmost respect and reverence. Our cultural values guide us, reminding us that our actions ripple through time—impacting not only the present but shaping the future for generations yet to come. By treating water sources as living entities deserving of care and respect, we honor the intricate balance of our interconnected world.


Cultivating Change

AO is more than an organization; it is a movement—a collective effort to rejuvenate our cultural connections and weave a harmonious tapestry between the past and the present. Through education, advocacy, and hands-on restoration projects, we empower Indigenous youth to reclaim their role as stewards of the land, channeling their energy into a wave of positive change that ripples outward.

Join Us in the Journey

The journey of water protection is a shared endeavor, one that calls upon all of us—Indigenous youth, elders, allies, and communities—to unite in the spirit of collaboration. Together, we celebrate the sacredness of water, infusing it with the vitality of our intentions and the wisdom of those who came before. By walking this path hand in hand, we honor our heritage, nurture life, and ensure that the spirit of water endures as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

Water programs

A campaign dedicated to bringing awareness to the health of the Similkameen River and our stance on the removal of Enloe Dam.

Elevating the voices in our community who wish to share the cultural significance of protecting our water sources.

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