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naqsílt means one family. 

Introducing "One Family," a groundbreaking cartoon series that embarks on an inspiring journey to connect Indigenous youth with the rich tapestry of Upper Columbia Plateau culture, history, and sacred creation stories. Created with the utmost respect for tradition and a deep commitment to cultural preservation, "One Family" is a captivating educational experience that bridges generations and shares the essence of our heritage in an engaging and accessible format.


When Aboriginal Outfitters was founded, the most important thing was how we honored a sacred part of our history.... storytelling.


We present to you a project that we've poured our hearts into. From the minds of Mikaela Williams and Beverlee "Joy" Abrahamson, and with wisdom and guidance shared by our incredible Elder, and Board Chair,  "Em" Olguin-Abrahamson, we present our cast of characters.


We hope you feel represented, seen, heard, and excited to learn about the Upper Columbia Plateau creation stories and connect them to your life.


"Our elders once told of a prophecy that said our stories would come back when they had been lost. Guiding the youth who became too powerful to control. The stories are coming back to help shape and guide the younger generations," -Joy

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