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Hopes & Dreams

This page is dedicated to the programs, events, and projects we hope to accomplish. With community support, injections of capital, and increased staffing these dreams will come true.

We strongly believe in the power of manifestation, so we will continue to visualize and communicate these short and long-term goals with anyone willing to listen!

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Cultural Wellness Center

We hope to break ground on a Cultural Wellness Center on the Colville Reservation that can serve as a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come and find something to ignite their passions. We seek to provide holistic services to individuals and families through cultural programs, hands-on activities, professional skillbuilding, and positive, light-hearted opportunities to engage with fellow community members.


We hope that through the creation of this center, we can support people on their journeys to wellness, foster authentic relationships, facilitate community empowerment, and stimulate economic development.

Programs we wish to see include, but are not limited to:

  • Indigenous Library featuring books by and for Natives.

  • Cooking & Food Sovereignty Classes in a commercial kitchen

  • Art & Tech Lab

  • Hands-On Skills Warehouse

    • Metalworking, Glass blowing, Pottery, 3D printing & model fabrication 

  • Outdoor area for equine therapy​, sweathouses, nature walks and connecting with the world around us.

Decorated Van

Activity bus for
"culture Cruises"

The greater Okanogan/ Okanagan Valley is a vast place. Okanogan County itself is as large as the state of Rhode Island. In order for us to truly explore the land, we need a vehicle to get us there. 

Our hope is to hold "Culture Cruises" where we can take youth to learn the history of the land, native plant species, and how to use them, and where to find wild game while understanding how to treat them with the respect they deserve. Scavenger hunts, spirit-healing support groups, and photo journal adventures are all on the docket.

Decorated Van

Indigenous Tourism Opportunities

We have endless ideas on tourism opportunities that can be created in North Central Washington with an in Indigenous focus. From concerts along the river, spiritual canoe journeys, stories in the park, to youth culture camps exploring the homelands and gathering food. We would love to build these ideas out with reliable and excited community partners!

Continued Indian Relay Trainings

After a successful first attempt at putting this event on, we hope to continue this work in our community. The Indian Relay School was focused on teaching the student what it takes to become a responsible horse owner, trainer, and Indian Relay Jockey. Here they learned the basic fundamentals of relay racing,as well as safety fundamentals and precautions necessary to keep racers and horses on the track safe. Indian Relay is a critical part of our history and we want to see it passed on to future generations.

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