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Indian relay school

We are so proud of our participants from our first class and can't wait to bring this event next year!

Click below to read our blog post & see pictures/ videos.


Come and learn from some of the most prominent names in Indian relay!

The first-ever naqs spuʔus Indian Relay School is focused on teaching the student what it takes to become a responsible horse owner, trainer, and Indian Relay Jockey. 

The details

The relay school will be held on April 30th- May 1st at the Omak Stampede Grounds from 9am-6pm both days.

Early check-in (between 8:30-9am) is required for the first day.

The registration fee for each student is $50.

(Payment can be accepted at the time of check-in).

Families of two or more will receive a 20% discount.


All of the students will receive a goodie bag at check-in and will gather and wait for the opening prayer.

The agenda will be reviewed and students will go to their designated stations.

We expect this event to be fun, educational, and an opportunity for students to create a new network!

naqs spuʔus translates to "One Heart" in the ńsəĺxčiń Okanagan language.


The goal is to work together as a community to bring awareness to the MMIW crisis happening in our backyards.

Working together as one, with one heart, to make our community a better place.

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