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Jazmine Reed

aka "Jaz"

Administrative Assistant


Industry representing:

Communication/ Journalism



A Bit About Jaz

Jazmine Reed is the administrative assistant at AO. Born and raised on the Colville Reservation in WA, she now resides on the Oneida Reservation in WI. She is the mother to her one-year-old daughter, and 12-week-old puppy.

In June of 2022 when Jazmine joined the AO team, she also graduated with her Bachelor’s in Journalism News Editorial with a minor in communications. 

With her degree, she would like to enter the public relations or marketing/advertising realm of media. She plans to learn more innovative ways to connect the community with AO, and serve as a middle ground and informational source. With her passion for writing, public speaking, and ideas we all come together with many mutual areas of interest to form a strong team. 

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