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Beverlee Abrahamson

aka "Joy" or sənma̍lqs

Co-Founder / Executive Director


Industry representing:

Education/ Cultural Preservation


CCT Reservation (Disautel)

A Bit About Joy

My name is Beverlee Joy Abrahamson, I am 22 years old and a member of the Colville Confederated Tribes. I also descend from the Spokane and Chippewa Cree (also known as Rocky Boy) tribes. I currently reside in Disautel Washington with my two maternal grandparents Beverly and Allen Abrahamson. 


I grew up on the Colville Indian Reservation and am currently a student at Eastern Washington University. I am excited to be majoring in Education and minoring in American Indian Studies. My younger brother and I were raised in a traditional family by my grandparents, and since we lived outside of town, in the country, we learned how to respect the earth and live off the land. I am thankful for my traditional native upbringing. We have learned to gather the traditional foods during the appropriate season and show the utmost respect to nature because it's our way of life. 

I look forward to sharing this love of the earth and hopefully inspiring others to be Stewards of the Land, Water Protectors, and more involved in actively taking care of each other in our communities.

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