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AO secures a $50k conservation alliance grant!

We are so thankful and honored to have received a $50,000 grant from the Conservation Alliance!

The Confluence grant funds will allow Aboriginal Outfitters to create a large-scale, regional Water Protector program. As a result, we will elevate the voices of community members who seek to protect the land and waterways. There is deep history attached to the colonization of the rivers in this area and a consistent narrative that does not include the voices of people of color, particularly Native American Indian communities. Through the Water Protector program, we wish to engage people of all ages and backgrounds, encourage participation in eco-focused events along the Similkameen, Okanogan & Columbia Rivers and share their reasoning for why taking care of the earth is essential to them.

The Conservation Alliance seeks to protect threatened wild places throughout North America for their habitat and recreational values. As a group of outdoor companies, we recognize our responsibility to help protect the wild lands and waterways on which our customers recreate and wildlife thrives. To achieve that goal, we make grants to nonprofit organizations working to protect the special wild lands and waters in their backyards.

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