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first annual Indian Relay School deemed a success!

The Indian Relay School was focused on teaching the student what it takes to become a responsible horse owner, trainer, and Indian Relay Jockey. Here they learned the basic fundamentals of relay racing,as well as safety fundamentals and precautions necessary to keep racers and horses on the track safe.

We had 6 students and the perfect instructor to student ratio for safety and smoothness in our first class.

We are so thankful for our relay racers and instructors that were a part of this event and we are proud of the outcomes - watching the students go from not even being able to jump on a horse to acting like complete naturals was our favorite part!

The instructors were aged from 22 to 70-ish and delivered a wealth of knowledge to the kids and taught the youth the importance of discipline and respect, as well as why representation matters.

We look forward to growing this event over the years and watching more and more youth become interested in this cultural event in our area!

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