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Get to know our board member, Chanel!

Next up on our leadership introductions, our badass Board Member, Chanel!

Not only does she do the coolest things on earth for her professional career (like snorkeling in forests and counting salmonids) but she's always down for the culture and the cause. We're very thankful to have this awesome chick who loves Mother Earth and is cool as a cucumber on our Board of Directors!


"My Name is Chanel Somday, daughter of William Somday and Penny Nichols. I am Sinixt and Colville of the Colville Confederated Tribes. I currently reside in Northern California and work as the Central Valley Steelhead Biologist throughout the Upper Region of the Sacramento River and it’s tributaries. I work closely with the state, federal and local tribes monitoring steelhead and Chinook salmon. I get to snorkel through the Ishi Wilderness where many don’t have public access to while counting salmonids, it’s the most fun I have ever


I was raised on the north half of the reservation in Malo, WA until it was time for college in 2011. It was in the following years that I discovered my passion for fisheries and understanding with education a career in this line of work aided in our cultural sovereignty.

I hope together we can show you how important what the earth provides us is and how to

show thankfulness through tradition."


(P.S. She's sporting our "Fight for the Future" mens Tee in her picture, which is part of our anniversary sale on the website! )

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