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Our Executive Director, Joy Abrahamson, crowned Miss CCT!

Three young Colville Tribal women stand proudly in their full regalia, including their Miss CCT crowns

Beverlee "Joy" Abrahamson is officially the 2023 Miss Colville Confederated Tribes.

We are so proud to have the steadfast leadership of this young woman at Aboriginal Outfitters. No matter how hard it gets, no matter how alone we feel sometimes trying to create new programs that we know will be meaningful but can’t find the support, no matter how many times we fall…. We always know that Joy will dust herself off and continue trudging forward by our side.

We are thankful that she has been given the opportunity to be Miss CCT because if we know anything at all, it’s how much she loves her community and how desperately she wants to see positive change.

To view her interview on KHQ, click HERE : Miss Colville Confederate Tribes aims to clean the Colville Reservation, raise awareness of domestic violence | Joy Abrahamson, the 2023-24 Miss Colville Confederated Tribes, hopes to encourage youths to take stewardship of the land, clean up and restore the Colville Reservation, and bring awareness to domestic violence in Native communities.

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