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Rebeka Haynes

aka "Beka"

Board Member


Industry representing:

Education/ Community Psychology


North County (Oroville)

A Bit About beka

Beka grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and wanted to be a teacher since she was in kindergarten. She spent her first 2 years teaching in Robeson County, North Carolina where she learned the importance of representation and bringing the community into the school.


She then moved to New Orleans where she was a founding teacher of Louisiana's first Arts Integrated public school and worked as a teacher, instructional coach, content leader and curriculum developer in different public schools in New Orleans.


In 2019, she moved to Seattle and worked managing student interventions, developed curriculum and served as instructional coach. After working in the Oroville School District as the Enrichment Coordinator she accepted a new position as an Assistant Principle in the Greater Seattle Area. She is actively pursuing a PhD in Community Psychology with a focus on Decolonized Educational Models.

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