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Join us in standing for what is right

...for the present and for the future.

We need your help in convincing our community

that the Similkameen River deserves better.

Our water systems and our land deserve better.

sic cwix

"sic cwix translates to New River in the ńsəĺxčiń Okanagan Salish language.

Our goal is to shine a light on the cultural significance of removing the Enloe Dam and restoring the Similkameen River. The Similkameen River holds deep meaning to my family, so it is imperative to us to see the river brought back to its natural state."

(For Aboriginal Outfitters' presentation, go to timestamp 1:30:15)

Learn More About the History
of the Enloe Dam
Read the Signed Tribal Resolutions
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Learn About The Serious Negative Impacts of 

Run-Of-River Hydropower 

Read articles with a harmful narrative that disregards indigenous history

And read chief crow's response

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Learn About how rivers can recover after the removal of deadbeat dams

Sign the Petition

donate to the campaign

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We are proud partners of the Restore Similkameen community effort to protect the Similkameen River.
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